Preowned Inventory

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3M 578 infrared transparency maker
Aequitron apnea monitor carrying cases, 5 green, 3 tan, w/inserts, Qty. 8
Aesculap GA141 cable drive system, no footswitch
Airlift nylon wheelchair/walker carrying pouches for liquid O2
Amdev Lytening instant ISE, no electrodes
American Optical refractometer, temp compensating with stand
Ames glucometer QA system in case with pullout drawer
Ames Seralyzer Reflectance Photometer model 5110A
Ames Seralyzer III with Seralyzer III electronic pipette controller
Amsco Chemspor test tube incubator, 15 wells w/temp well
AMSCO Dynaclave 613R sterilizer parts.
Amsco Examiner 10 exam light
Amsco SPIO-3 55 deg. steam test tube incubators
Applied Biotech Products Landry Vein Lights, DC8902, Qty. 4
Atomic Products SCAN-COT model 056-100, 30″ x 72″, 350 lb. capacity, clear top with pad
B & L dual tier stereozoom microscope base only with E-arm
Baxter hoses, Cat# 66N460CC, 10-feet, used to connect Baxter disposable blankets to Baxter hypo/hyperthermia units, Qty. 1 new.
Baxter hoses, Cat# 66N451CC, 10-feet, used to connect Baxter disposable blankets to CSZ hypo/hyperthermia units, Qty. 4 new.
Bear LS420 heated humidifiers for Bear ventilators. Adult chambers. Can be used for infant with the 460 chamber. Qty. 5
Bear Venti Voice speech aid
Beckman 112 solvent delivery module
Beckman R611 dynograph modules:  Includes the following modules: (411 amplifiers, 461D preamps, 9853H couplers, 9863A indirect blood pressure module, 9801 module).
Becton Dickinson QBC V
Becton Dickinson QBC II, Qty. 3
Becton Dickinson fibrometer probe, 0.3 ml vol, part # 60417 for BBL microbiology system
Bel-Art Scienceware micro mill grinder, cat. # 37250-0000
Biomarine Biopak 60 self contained breathing apparatus, 60 minute capacity rebreather, 2 units.
Biomet (Bio-Moore) Modular Endoprosthesis System Trial Set with tools, have color photos of contents
Birtcher defib spoons
Boehringer Mannheim Biotrack 516 TDM toxicology monitor, catalog # 475793
Bourne LS80 adult ventilation monitor
Bunn 400-006 50 psi compressor, new in box
Burdick E200 single channel EKG
Burdick EK-8 single channel automatic, 10-lead
Burdick mw/225 diathermy heads only (corner director and hemispherical director)
Burton Halogen CoolSpot exam lights, model 13410 on Fleximount wall mount arm#10016, Qty. 2
Cambridge CM3000 EKG parts, keypad, power supply, patient cable, leads
Carolina Medical Electronics Cliniflow II , FM 701D electromagnetic blood flowmeter. Many probes.
Cell Washing Centrifuge model DC2MM
Chattanooga M-2 hydrocollator heater
Chattanooga C-5 hydrocollator cold pack chilling unit
Chemetron 50 psi large cylinder oxygen regulator with contents gauge, #603100, 32-10-0319, new in blister pack
Circon ACMI uteroscope kit–handpiece with 9′ cord HTO-5, with 5-7 & 4-7 SS attachments; 3 biopsy instruments–GF-558 (grasper), BF-558, RF-558 (rat tooth)
Clay Adams Dynac centrifuges with 24-place fixed angle rotors, #902 test tube shields, Qty. 2
Clay Adams Dynac II centrifuge with 24-place rotor with #0901 test tube holders
Clay Adams Sero-Fuge II centrifuge
Concept Intra-Arc Drive System handpiece in autoclavable case
Continental RO System for water purification
Controflex footswitch model 3 with 1/4″ phono plug termination, Qty. 4
Corning M250 ion analyzer
Corning 238 blood gas analyzers, Qty. 2
Corning 320 pH meter
Corometrics 145 fetal monitor, no accessories
Critikon Dinamap 845XT adult/pedi NIBP
Dade Immufuge 569 w/12-place plastic rotor
Damon/IEC HN-S centrifuge with #221 rotor with swinging trunnions and #302 test tube shields
Damon/IEC HN-S centrifuge with #958 6-place rotor, #325 removable trunnions, #305 test tube shield
Dart Respiratory nebulizer heater, # 5295, like new, one with patient airway temperature sensor, manual, Qty. 2
Datamedix model 23ID-LC Gould Statham physiological pressure transducer, new in case
Datascope 2100 ECG, NIBP, temp, recorder monitor
Datascope Accutorr 3 NIBP
Datascope Accutorr Central telemetry receiver, # 0998-00-0015-01, 4-channel, print for external printer and trend buttons
Del Mar Avionics 509 Neurocorder with AMPAC 8 8 channel interface box #23045. Neurocorder switch for ECG or EEG
Dictaphone desktop voice processor model 2720 with footpedal, transformer, headset
Dupont Cronex sensitometer
Dyonics 510 fiberoptic illuminator, 2 outputs – high intensity arc lamp and viewing incandescent lamp
E-cylinder wrenches, black plastic, Qty. 50
Endotek OM-3 urological cystometrogram
Engstrom ELIZA monitor ETCO2, N2O and O2
Enraf Nonius Sonopuls 434 therapeutic ultrasound, no transducer
Ferno Ille hydrotherapy jets, model 600 with wrap-around chair, Qty. 2
FirstTemp thermometers complete with bases and power cords, parts units, Qty. 11
Fisher Versa Bath water bath, #137, 11.75″ x 13″ x 6″, 500 watts, with bottom spacer and cover
Frye Electronics Fonix FP40-D hearing aid analyzer
General Biometrics 4001 test tube incubator, 12 watts, 8 positions
Genrad 1982 precision sound level meter and analyzer, with case, nice condition
Gomco 602 thoracic suction pumps, Qty. 2
Gomco 791 suction pump
Gomco 929 surgical suction pumps, explosion-proof motors, qty. 2
Grass PS2B photo stimulator
GSI 27A Autotymp tympanometer
Hach Co. VITEK colorimeter, #41100-71
Hacker 12cm microtome blades, type C, Qty. 5
Hacker 16cm microtome blades, type C, Qty. 3
Healthdyne apnea monitor carrying cases, Qty. 2
Helena Laboratories CPK Photo Vubox, model 5020
Helmer Labs PF48, platelet agitator, 7 pullout shelves 14” x 15”, plus top shelf
Hewlett Packard 78581A controller
Hoefer Scientific Instruments slab gel dryer
Hoefer TE 22 Transphor electrophoresis unit, Max. operating limits: 100 Volts, 50 Watts; like new
Hoefer TE80 TransVac, TE-70 Semi-Phor
HP 89072A autosampler
Hypercom S7-CR card reader
IEC #3257 12 cm microtome blades, Qty. 2
IEC Centra-M centrifuge
IEC Centra-8 with #284 rotor, four 384S buckets-part #2735
IEC CL clinical centrifuge, #428, with #801 6-place 45-degree rotor, very quiet, well-balanced, no tube shields
Immucor DiaCent 2M cell washer, 12-place rotor
Inspiron servo controller, model 2710, measures airway temp and humidity
Inspiron Vapor-Phase Plus humidifier-heater, cat. 9300
Instromedix King of Hearts 300 monitors, model 5155-00, with cases, Qty. 2
Instrumentation Labs 131 ticket printer
IPG 200 cables 5-prong conn.; leads are red, grn, blk, wht, Qty. 4
ISCO WIZ pump/diluter/dispenser, 4 channel
Ivac 817 thermometer charger
Ivac 4200 NIBP, no hose or cuff.
JedMed Frisch Drill II foot pedal only.
Johnson & Johnson Maxima hollow fiber oxygenator holder, reorder # 1382.
Jouan CR4.12 refrigerated centrifuge with 4-bucket rotor and buckets.
Kendall 5325 tubing sets, light blue, excellent condition, Qty. 8.
Kidde automatic rotating tourniquet system, #600, with 4 cuffs.
Kodak X-ray film identification printer, model B.
Kowa F603 power pack.
Kowa RC-2 SL rigid stand for RC-2 and Kowa SL with manual.
LC-Sauger ATMOS portable suction pump.
Lead hands, 2 small, 1 large.
Leitz fiberoptic light source.
Linvatec Power System handpiece in autoclavable case.
Lipshaw model 25 bone saw
Mada Vac No. 178 suction
Magnasync G-936 degausser for large magnetic tape reels
Maico MA-32 audiometer, no accessories
Mallinckrodt 400S thermocouple adapter
Mallinckrodt 700S thermocouple adapters, Qty. 2
Masterflex 7523-00 rotary pump with 7518-10 easy-load tubing attachment
Medimold Spiroguard kits 2700 for protecting Wrights respirometers, Qty. 2
Mitutoyo 150 Illuminator
Mettler P120 electronic balance, 160 grams by 10 mg.
MGW Lauda M3 circulator tank
Monaghan 690 ultrasonic humidifier, no humidifier chamber
Monatherm 6500 temperature monitors, dual readouts, Qty. 5
Monatherm 6510 temp monitor
MRL Neuroprobe System III, NP300B
MVE XLC-230 liquid nitrogen storage tank with 6-wedge shaped racks, 9 shelves for 2ml vials, stores > 3000 vials.
MVE M-45 manifold (new), used for manifolding 2, 4 or 6 cryogenic tanks. Can be used for oxygen, argon or nitrogen
NDM ACTOne (Advanced Compression Technology), used for applying intermittent pressure to the foot
Neurodyne Dempsey 429 mod -1 defibrillator energy meters, qty. 2
Nicolet NIC ET 400 EEG cable
Nihon Kohden LifeScope 6 EKG monitor with recorder
Novametrix 840
Novametrix 898 autocalibrator for Novametrix 840 monitor
Oasis Kases instrument shipping case. Outside dimensions: 36″ x 24″ x 14″.
Olympic Medical Bili timer, model 20
Olympic Oxyhood #51810 large size.
Olympus AC10-LK light source adapter, new in box
Olympus CLV light source
Olympus OSF-2 with case, 19 bf
Olympus OSF with case, 23 bf
Olympus OSF2-35 with case, 1 bf
OR light aluminum handgrips, Qty. 3
Orion Research 607 electrode switch. Can attach 7 electrodes and switch between all seven.
Orion SA 520 pH meter, no probe or cable
Orion Research ionalyzer 407A
Orthologic 1000 bone growth stimulator in case
Oxford Medilog 4500 with carrying case in original box
Oxford recorder
Panasonic NV-8950 VCR, works but a little grainy
Pilling Dyonics light source, blue
Porter Reliant 2510 automatic autoclave, new with warranty
Power Pack Inc. 4617-000-91 24 volt Walker telecommunications PS10A-BB 6.5A
PPG transmitter, model TT33, chan 28-6
Promatek Electrostim 180-2iL
Puritan Bennett Datex recorders for CO2 monitors, Qty. 2
QMED monitor one TC350 ambulatory cardiac monitor. No battery pack. No patient cable.  Manual.
RCI Aquatherm III nebulizer heaters #050-12, Qty. 5
Reflotron in aluminum case
ResMed Sullivan HumidAire
Respiratory Support Products RSP TM-200D, Bitemp, thermocouple temp monitors with hi/low alarms. Uses standard YSI series 400 thermistors, Qty. 2
Roche constant temp. block, 20-place
Royer Anderson neurometer
Sanborn 500 Viso Cardiette EKG, nice wooden box, antique, collector’s item
Scientific Industries multi-purpose rotator #150Z
Shackman 7000 camera
Showa Denko Shodex OR-1
Siemens cables 8419145 C7, red connector on monitor end, Qty. 6
SMR Maxi III chair motors & parts
Sodasorb pre-pak CO2 absorber cartridges,  Qty. 18.
Sontek Medical Bodai Patient Communicator, SMI-5001
Sony CVP-M1 color video printer
Sorvall HG-4L rotor with 4 1-liter buckets
Spartan SparCreme polish, similar to Soft Scrub.  12bottles/case.  $20.  Best deal on the Net.
Spectramed cables, model TC-NK for Nihon-Kohden hemodynamic monitors, Qty. 15
Sprague Rappaport blood pressure kit, complete
SSCOR S-Scort 4, model 45000 suction pump. Battery operated.
Standard Power SWS-252T M3473 power supply – removed from medical equipment:
V1-5V, 30A; V2 +15V, 5A; V3 -15V, 5A.
Storz 26021HA Hamou microhysteroflator. Parts unit only
Stryker micro irrigator #283-120, good cond
Stryker microelectric arthroplasty system in 277-707 sterilization case, debrider (277-701) and abrader (277-801)
Stryker Orthovac 864
Sullivan Vpap II
Survival Instruments Safeguard Battery Charger, 4 prong military type connector
Sysmex CA-1000 coagulation analyzer
Sysmex power unit model PU-8 vacuum and pressure
Temp Block Module Heater Dry Bath model 2090
Thermolyne Nuova II stirrer
Thomas Rotating Apparatus, continuous or timer (0-30 minutes), adjustable rotation, 13” x 13” platen
Thompson M-25B assist volume ventilator
Ticket Printer model 4002
Timeter C1070 low/high pressure alert
Timeter TLO-15 pressure compensated flowmeters, Qty. 50
Tracor RA410N microautomated audiometer with headphones with built in strip recorder, Qty. 3
Transpac II patient cables, list # 42574-04-22 for use with Siemens, orange connector at monitor end, 6 new, Qty. 16
Trimmers, model 3311876, Qty. 2
Tuttnauer autoclave repair services – Our specialty. 
We provide a shipping box if needed.
UPS Ground is next morning to us in New England. 
A service call can’t get there faster and the shipping is less expensive than travel time. 
Most parts are in stock.  In shop servicing is more thorough than on site since we can run many, many sterilization cycles looking for trends and intermittent problems. 
Give us a call – (508) 865-1378.
Weck Double Trak III, mfg. by ARO Corp. F100-1000-4 roller sealer.
Welch Allyn #37123 fiberoptic anoscope set, includes transformer, 2 anoscopes
Welch-Allyn 73305 6.2 volt 710 ma output transformers
Welch-Allyn deskset battery handle charger, model 71110, use with 71500 or 71670 battery handles
Welch-Allyn 74900 transformer with oto/ophthalmoscope heads, 2.5 volt
Welch-Allyn Lite Box, #48300 mounted on 5-castered base, very nice, rebundled fibers in arm
Xerox Cheshire 765 brochure folding machine
YSI 35 conductivity meter